Holy moly Christmas is coming up quick! It seems like just yesterday we were saying sayonara to 2020, and crossing our fingers that 2021 would bring us better things.

And now here we are! It’s September, which means it’s time to start thinking about getting your business Christmas-ready. Where did all that time go?

Now, let’s talk business.

Christmas is one of the busiest times for any business, and it’s essential that your biz is ready to smash Christmas 2021.

According to statistics reported by Take A Tumble, Christmas in business is changing!

Did you know?:

  • Over 5.5 million households did their Christmas shopping online in 2020?
  • December 1 – December 8 2020 was the biggest week for Australian Commerce history?
  • 26% of Australian consumers said they used social media to find Christmas gift inspiration?
  • The average Christmas gift in Australia costs $93?
  • Department stores are predicting a 2% loss in sales as people begin to shop online?
  • 51% of shoppers want to buy gift cards for Christmas?
  • 91% of shoppers used their mobile phones to purchase Christmas gifts last year?

That means that now more than ever it’s important for businesses to:

  • Ensure their website is mobile-adaptable.
  • Ensure their pricing aligns with their niche.
  • Ensure their website is functional and their online store is user-friendly.
  • Ensure their marketing is ON POINT.

The main things you need to fall back on are Marketing Strategy, Social Media Strategy & Sales Strategy.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here are our top tips for setting up for a successful Christmas. And if you want to talk to us about sorting out a strategy, shoot us a message!

So what should you do?

Going into Christmas without a plan won’t achieve the most optimal results. And that’s what we want. We want you to succeed! 

Not only is it essential to work out a social media strategy (that means planning what you’ll post, when you’ll post it, what it will look like, how it’ll be formatted and who you’ll want to see it), but it’s also super important to plan this around important dates.

Christmas is an amazing opportunity for you to focus your marketing, plan sales and get a HEAP of traffic. But don’t forget there are so many other events you can focus on. Melbourne Cup, school holidays, Halloween, Black Friday, New Years… These are all just as important to your customers.

Around these events it’s important to take 10 steps to ensure your business is ready:

  1. Plan your social presence (we can help with this!).
  2. Take inventory of your products (estimate, don’t guesstimate!).
  3. Remind your customers of these events and how you can help them.
  4. Organise paid ads pushing your best sellers.
  5. Plan deals or sales (will you do a boxing day sale? Will you offer free gift wrapping over Christmas?)
  6. Get your back-end organised (if you get too busy over Christmas will you still have enough packing materials, business cards etc?)
  7. Mark postage cut-offs in your calendar.
  8. Advertise your best sellers front and centre on socials & on your website.
  9. Plan ways to boost your social audience (hashtags, networking, collabs, influencers).
  10. Plan down time! (We know you’ll be busy but don’t risk burning yourself out)

Our top tips:

  • Use Christmas Creep: This is a marketing strategy used by retailers. The retailers bring out Christmas items as early as September so that their customers are constantly reminded that Christmas is coming and are tempted to buy.
  • And don’t forget there are HEAPS of handy tools to make sure Christmas 2021 doesn’t get away from you. Schedulers like Plann will let you pre-write and schedule your social posts so you’ll still be present on socials when you’re busy.
  • Get a social media manager (Yep, that’s us!) [LINK]

Christmas might seem like it’s a long way in the future, but when it comes to the business world, the time to start sorting out your holiday season/end-of-year approach is now!

The reality of it is, if you haven’t sorted out your Christmas marketing strategy, well… you’re already behind.

BUT DON’T PANIC. We’ve got you!

Book a 1:1 strategy session with us at Oh Hey and take the next step to get your business ready for a cracking Christmas season.

We’ll go over everything, from marketing to advertising to social media, and we can talk about what you want to achieve and how we can get you there.