• 6 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Manager

    Relinquishing total control of any part of your business can seem tricky. Trust us – we know!

    But here’s the thing; if you’ve reached a point where you just can’t keep up with the demands of your social platforms, or know you should be doing more but don’t have the time (or knowledge), hiring help is the perfect solution. 

    Here are 6 reasons why a social media manager will be a gift to your biz!

    They’ll take away the pressure and stress

    Imagine never having to worry about what to post on Instagram or Facebook again! 

    Now, how relaxed do you feel imagining that everything is taken care of, your online presence is solid, and you can get back to what you do best?

    (‘Ahhh’ – we hear you say!)

    Whether your social media is currently booming and you can’t cope with the extra work or you feel totally overwhelmed at getting started, a social media manager can help.

    They’ll take away the pressure and stress so that you can get on with the important job of running your business and spending time with your family.

    They’ll find and connect with your ideal customers

    Building a strong social audience is about more than collecting followers. It’s about collecting the right followers!

    Engaging, networking and business development in an online space is a job in itself and requires a huge chunk of time and consistency to see results. 

    Do you have that time right now? A social media manager does.

    A social media manager will know how to find and build relationships with your ideal audience so that they’re more likely to turn into customers.

    They’ll spend time engaging with your online community so that your followers grow to trust your brand and look out for your content (they’re good like that!).

    Hire Social Media Manager

    They’ll work to a strategy

    Creating social media without a strategy is like setting off on a long car journey without a destination in mind. What’s the point?

    Posting for the sake of posting just isn’t where it’s at – and having someone strategise and execute it all for you is a dream!

    Social media is a time-consuming business, so you need to make sure that your time is spent wisely and your social accounts are working hard for you.

    A social media manager will create a detailed strategy that not only outlines your goals for your platforms but sets out how to reach them.

    That strategy can include when to post, what to post, which SEO practices to optimise, whether or not to use emojis, what hashtags are appropriate, which content to interact with, and a bunch of other bits and pieces (phew!). 

    They’ll keep up to date with platform changes

    Keeping up with all the constant changes on social media can feel like a full-time job in itself!

    And knowing whether you need to invest your time in jumping on the latest craze is another thing altogether. 

    Should you use Instagram Reels? Should you recreate those viral TikTok dances? Should you use that trending hashtag? What the heck is Clubhouse? 

    It’s part of a social media manager’s job to keep track of the latest platform updates and decide which ones will work best for you.

    This also goes hand-in-hand with their strategy to ensure all of your social content is consistent, branded and on point.

    They’ll try, test, and tweak

    A good social media manager will carefully monitor how your content performs and use this to your advantage. 

    They’ll figure out which content your audience enjoys and engages with and then they’ll tweak their strategy to ensure you give your fans more of what they want.

    This also applies to using analytics to see which content categories perform better than others, which hashtags get the most attention, and optimal times to engage with other users.

    Over time, your engagement rate will increase and the algorithm will show your content to more people.

    You’ll be ahead of your competition

    Do you ever look at your competitors’ pages and worry that you’re falling behind? 

    We get it! Everyone puts their best foot forward on social media.

    When you hire a social media manager to run your accounts, you can forget about comparison scrolling and start feeling proud of your profile pages. Why? Because you know everything has been done right.

    Your social media manager will get up to speed with your competitors’ tactics – and make sure yours are better! 

    So we’ve told you why you should hire a social media manager. But when is the right time?

    It’s time to hire a social media manager if: 

    • Social media feels overwhelming
    • You don’t know where to start
    • Your posts don’t get any engagement
    • You spend too much time on social media (and get nothing back)
    • You worry that you’re doing it wrong
    • You don’t know how to find your ideal clients or customers
    • Your platforms are booming and you can’t keep up
    • You want to get more strategic about your content

    Need help running your social media channels? Contact us today for a free Discovery Call and let’s have a chat. 


  • 4 Cool Ways to Find Pinterest Keywords

    4 Cool Ways to Find Pinterest Keywords

    Creating beautiful boards on Pinterest is the fun bit. But you also need to be sure they’ll get seen by the right people.

    How do you do that? Keywords, that’s how.

    Let’s dive into finding out how keywords work on Pinterest and where to find the best ones for your business.

    What are keywords and why do you need them?

    Keywords are the words Pinterest users type into the search box to find inspiration or specific items.

    Think of it like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or hashtagging for your images. 

    By using the right keywords on your pins, you’ll increase the number of people who find your products or posts.

    Four ways to find keywords:

    1. Pinterest search box

    Type a word in your niche into the search box and take a look at the related categories Pinterest shows you.

    For example, if your niche is weddings, type in ‘wedding’ and the box will show you ‘wedding dresses’, ‘wedding rings’, ‘wedding nails’ and ‘wedding decor’.

    2. Pinterest ads (don’t worry, it won’t cost anything)

    Go to Ads at the top of the page, click Create Ad and choose the Create Campaign. On the first page scroll down and click Continue.

    On the next page scroll down to the keyword section and type in one of your topline keywords. Pinterest will then show you related keywords


    This cool tool lets you enter your keyword then shows you related terms. It also shows you the week’s top trends.


    Want to know where the really cool keywords are hiding?

    Get ahead of the game by heading into Pinterest Predicts – it’s the platform’s crystal ball into what’s going to be big.

    Click on a category to see trending search terms. In 2020, Pinterest got 8 out of 10 of its predictions right!  


    Where to put keywords on Pinterest 

    There are lots of places where your keywords are searchable so take advantage of as many as you can.

    You can pop those keywords:

    • In the text on your image
    • In the pin title
    • In the pin description
    • In the board title
    • In the image alt-text on your website
    • Image names
    • In your Pinterest profile description

    Often people use the same wording for their image text and pin title but, as both these spaces are searchable, it’s best to vary them for greater impact. Use your title to give people more information and more reasons to click. 


    Pinterest stats that will blow your mind

    • 71% of Pinterest users are women
    • ‘Holidays’ is the most searched for term on Pinterest
    • There are around 2 billion searches a month on the platform
    • 85% of people view Pinterest via mobile
    • 77% of weekly users have discovered a new brand or product via the app

    For more help with Pinterest or any other social platform please book a free discovery call and we can arrange a chat.


  • 6 Tactics of a Good Social Media Manager 

    6 Tactics of a Good Social Media Manager 

    The best social media accounts look effortless, don’t they?

    They post regularly, you know what kind of content to expect from them and, in some cases, you actually look forward to seeing it!

    But those accounts don’t happen by luck. Nope, a lot of time and energy goes into creating them.

    Here are the secret tactics a social media manager would use to help you to achieve that effortless look! 

    1. They work to a strategy

    A skilled social media manager will assess your profiles before starting work. Then they’ll create a strategy that identifies your ideal customers, defines your goals, hones your brand tone of voice and looks at what your competitors are up to.

    With this background information, they’ll be able to make sure your content is consistent and ‘on brand’.

    Next, they’ll work out what you should be posting to attract your dream followers and will post content that speaks directly to them.

    So you see, looking effortless takes a lot of effort! (Although making it look effortless is the secret weapon at play here!)

    2. They double–down on what’s working

    We all know the thrill of getting lots of likes on a post, but there’s more to success than that.

    Being able to understand the analytics behind a post – such as reach, impressions and engagement numbers – is an important part of working out what’s resonating with your crowd. 

    Of course, crunching the numbers – and analysing what they mean – takes time. A good social media manager will do this work for you and flex their posting strategy accordingly.

    But, once they figure out what gets the best reaction from your audience, they analyse what aspect of that particular post made it so successful, and strategically plan more of those in the future.

    After all, their goal is the same as yours – for your socials to be successful!

    3. They answer EVERYTHING

    Engagement is such an important part of social media, yet many brands just don’t have the time – or energy – to do it.

    Responding to every DM, comment, and query is a huge time commitment and takes you away from other important areas of your business.

    But engagement is the cornerstone of social media. And doing them is realistically non-negotiable for a successful social page. The simple truth is, the more you put in, the more you get out.

    When you hire a social media manager they’ll ensure no comment or DM goes unanswered, no customer or lead left behind. 

    Leads? Marketing? Feedback? It’s all taken care of by your social media manager.

    4. They’re consistent

    If there’s one thing every social media manager knows to be true it’s that consistency is key.

    Why? Well, there are two main reasons.

    Firstly, showing up consistently lets your audience know you’re there. It keeps you top of mind. Let’s be honest, nothing raises red flags faster than a stone-cold account.

    Secondly, by consistently posting good quality, engaging content the algorithms will reward your efforts and will show it to more people. Combine this with consistent engagement and boom, you’re winning.

    5. They optimise your bios

    Yes, bio optimisation is a thing and an important one at that!

    Think of your platform bio as your business card. It needs to tell people who you are, how you help people and how they can contact you. 

    It’s also a chance to toot your horn, show off a bit of personality, attract the right followers (and turn off the wrong ones).

    But there are a few algorithms working in the background, which can be used to get your business more exposure. And your social media manager will know all about that! 

    Bio word count, content and hashtagging giving you a headache? It’s complicated!  But here’s the thing: your social media manager will know which bits of your bio are searchable (each platform is slightly different) and will ensure these areas are being properly used.

    6. They stay bang up to date

    Keeping on top of all the latest social media platform changes, trends and additions is a job in itself – one you can’t possibly be expected to do.

    But a good social media manager will be on top of all the latest updates and will know which to apply to your accounts and which to ignore.

    They’ll also surround themselves with like-minded professionals and will have a network of brilliant colleagues to ensure they never miss a thing.

    Now you know some of the tactics used by successful social media managers why not try using some of them yourself? Or if you’d prefer some help, we’d love you to get in touch.

    Need help with your social media? Get in touch today!