• 2022’s biggest marketing trends – how to make them work for you!

    Learn how to take the hottest marketing trends of the new year and use them to your advantage! Make 2022 your year by working smarter and not harder!

    Whether your business is product-based or service-based, it’s no secret that marketing is your best friend. 

    As we’ve navigated the last few years, we’ve adapted, transformed, and pushed through difficulties that threatened our businesses. And, just as we do every year, it’s time to reevaluate, take a look at the digital landscape, and see if we need to adjust our approach just that little bit. 

    One of our favourite sayings at the oh hey! Creative office is ‘Less hustle, more magic’ – the embodiment of ‘Work smarter, not harder’. Why work a 14 hour day trying to get leads, sales, and engagement, when you could just as easily optimise your marketing strategy to work that magic for you?

    And the best part? We’ve put together a cheat sheet of the tried-and-tested marketing trends that work!

    Still seem too daunting? We’ve got you! Get in touch with us today and let us help create a shiny new marketing strategy to make 2022 your year!


    Trend #1: Short form video

    Instagram Reels, TikToks, and YouTube Shorts are hot this year! When you take to your socials in 2022, ask yourself this: “Could this be a video?”. Rather than popping your wisdom in a caption, post, or blog, consider creating a short video instead.

    How to make this trend work for you:

    • Create a video showing your process, an unboxing, packing an order, or talking about a new product.
    • Give a video tour of your office space, workshop, desk setup, or similar.
    • Answer frequently asked questions on video, rather than in a caption or story.
    • Recreate video trends in your own way that is relevant to your niche.


    Trend #2: Social algorithms

    Social media is forever evolving, and as a result, we are always running to keep up with the latest updates, word count limits, video limitations, and engagement rules. But, keeping on top of these trends will not only benefit you (and your sanity!), but it will help your content’s reach.

    How to make this trend work for you:

    • Follow your brand’s chosen social mediums (Facebook/Meta, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) on social media to be informed of new updates.
    • Subscribe/favourite websites like Social Media Today that report on algorithm changes as they happen.
    • Constantly revisit and review your social media strategy following any algorithm change.


    Trend #3: User-generated content

    Happy customers are the best marketing you can get! Social proof is a psychological and social concept where people copy the actions of others. Essentially, your customers are likely to ‘follow the leader’ when you post user-generated content. And that’s exactly what we want! Your customers’ reviews, photos, and good words will add a touch of magic to your page, guaranteed.

    How to make this trend work for you:

      • Incentivise customers to leave a review, send an image/video of them with your product, or talk about your service (this can be easily set up via a post-purchase or thank-you email.)
    • Get 20% off your next order if you leave a review!
    • Leave a review to go in the draw to win a freebie!
    • Encourage users to tag you in social posts relating to your product or service.
    • Always credit original posters when sharing. 


    Trend #4: Organic SEO

    SEO is THE tried-and-tested marketing principle and it is here to stay in 2022! Making your business searchable, eye-catching, and accessible via SEO will get your business seen this year.


    How to make this trend work for you:

    • Always create metadata when posting blogs or new web pages.
      • Ideally, metadata will be between 50-160 characters.
    • Always hashtag your posts on social media.
    • Ensure that your user experience is tip-top in addition to your go-to SEO tricks.
    • Use relevant keywords in written content.
    • Learn what your audience is searching for with tools like Answer The Public.


    Trend #5: Niche brands

    A brand that is for everyone is a brand for no one! Trying to do everything and cater to everyone can make a business look a bit ‘lost’, and so this year, we encourage you to find your niche, learn how to communicate with them, and hone in on that strategy!

    How to make this trend work for you:

    • Shape your brand messaging to your specific niche (we’re talking really specific, it’s best to do a deep dive.)
      • What do your customers want? What do they like? What do they dislike? What do they fear? What other brands might they like? What are their values?
    • Ensure all touchpoints (we’re talking website, social media, marketplace presence, etc) speak directly to your niche.


    And there you have it – do you have any other digital marketing trends you want to learn about? Perhaps a strategy that has worked well for you in the past? We’d love to hear all about it!

    In the meantime, if you’re struggling to get your brand on track, you want to launch a new product or service, or if you just want another pair of ears to be a sounding board for your current marketing ideas, get in touch with us and book a discovery call!